Classy And Feminine Round Eye Shape Acetate Anti-uv Sunglasses

Shortsighted men eyewear frame

Stylish, lightweight sunglasses in a feminine tortoiseshell colour.

A chic style of sunglasses with round lenses and a gorgeous colour that perfectly suits a cool, classy look on a bright sunny day.

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    Whether you match these sunglasses with bright or dark colours, you’ll achieve a stylish look – ready to conquer the city’s sun-drenched streets and pavement cafés.

    All Hisight sunglasses have UVA/UVB protection.

    This frame symbolizes the newfound confidence and soul of the 80s. A round oval, the shape universally lends itself to all personalities and face shapes. They’re made from glossy tortoiseshell acetate accented with polished silver rivet at the front of end piece.

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From a timeless aviator look to the sophistication of new designer styles, sunglasses are as common in outdoor settings as seashells on a beach. As much as our sunglasses make a fashion statement, they also serve as an important device to protect your eye's health from damaging UV rays. All of our ranges are built from quality materials and all feature 100% UV lenses. Only prescription sunglasses give you both excellent vision correction and eye protection in one handy accessory. 

Do children need sunglasses?

Children's sunglasses are essential. Children are at particular risk because they're in the sun much more than adults, and their eyes are more sensitive as well. UV damage is cumulative over a person's lifetime, which means you should begin protecting your child's eyes as soon as possible.

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