Hexagonal geometric shapes colorful acetate eyewear

Shortsighted men eyewear frame

Polygon glasses are so different from ordinary frames, they are designed by an irregular shape with a classy, simple style. In recent year, the geometric shapes and pattern frames are turning out to be one of the most popular trends in eyewear design these years. Polygonal glasses are a perfect complement to your face shape, make you look unique and show your personality at every moment.

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    The simple structure design without any extra elements but romantic mixed colors in the smooth front appeal contemporary fashion look for your easy going life. Both comfortable and classy, the hexagonal frame in high quality acetate are your perfect match, every time. The molded bridge, integrated ergonomic nose pads and straight, slim arms provide all-day comfort, which makes it the perfect all-time accessory.
    Show off your creative fashion sense with interesting acetate frames in unusual colours and unique designs with Hisight Optical new eyewear. Look for geometric shapes, contemporary larger frames, multi-colour laminates, prints (animal and flower), or layered details. Retro and vintage styling — ranging from cat’s-eyes to aviators to mod fashions. Hisight optical spectacles can prevent drying winds, dust, and other foreign matter from entering your eyes, making them an effective way of protecting your eyes from potential irritations.

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All of our designs are fashionable and functional, from minimalist wire frames to bold vintage-inspired styles. We devote to brings fashion to protection - giving your eyes a rest while you browse for what you need and want. They are designed for short-term wear, and are best suited for people who have the same lens power, or strength. They are comfortable to wear and provide good vision quality. We has a wide selection of reading glasses that don’t skimp on style. Ranging from contemporary frames to those that are vintage-inspired, even the most fashion-conscious people should find something they like. The model can improve the ability to read something up close, such as a book or a computer screen.

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