Lady Polygon Acetate Blue Light Shield Computer/Gaming Glasses

The eyewear was created for those seeking the absolute most from their digital experience and still keep good looking with a nice accessory.

Just like many fashion glasses, this model radiates sophistication, bringing modern edge to a classic shape style for the discerning digital user.

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    The impeccable frame design is paired with our unique proprietary lens engineered to block harmful blue light, improve clarity and focus, resulting in optimal visual performance.


    • Smooth spring hinge for added durability
    • Fashion polygon eye shape
    • High-quality acetate material
    • Double color acetate frame for a lightweight and comfortable fit
    • Blocks harmful blue light from sun and digital devices
    • Wide format lenses create a panoramic viewing field for high-resolution viewing

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Professional anti blue light glasses

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We ensure all the finished product with high quality for our customer and provide complete, considerate after-sale service.


Are computer glasses the same as blue light glasses?

Computer glasses can also be called blue light blocking glasses because they are both used to block or filter out blue light, eliminate eye strain, and help you sleep better. However, computer glasses might absorb less blue light than blue light blocking glasses or might cause blurring at further viewing distances because they are designed for closer vision. Therefore if you are wearing glasses then blue light blocking glasses are the preferable method of protection.

Are blue light glasses necessary for kids?

Study shows that overexposure to blue light due to screen media consumption can produce digital eye strain, headaches, and a lack of deep sleep in children. That's why it's quite important to get a pair of blue light glasses or computer glasses for your kids. Other than that, kids, in particular, can benefit from using blue light glasses. Because children may be at higher risk for blue light retinal damage than adults since children are still developing eyes so they may absorb more blue light than adults.


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