Mixed classic and fashion eyewear in acetate and metal

Shortsighted men eyewear frame

The tortoise and the hare, a classic tale with a moral that stands the test oftime. You know what else will stand the test of time? This pair of eyeglasses of the speckled “tortoise” color variation. Wayfair adjusted shaped andfull-rimmed, feel cool, calm and collected while sporting these fashionable frames. Made from metal and plastic for strength, durability and maximum comfort, this impressive look is suitable for men or women alike.
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    The model impresses with ergonomically curved temple ends, which are elegantly lacquered. The graceful combination of metal front with sleek plastic temples gives a touch of modernistic craftsmanship with an elegantappearance. Crafted from plastic and carefully constructed to display abold look and stylish flair. The width of the bridge of this frame is 22millimeters. This eyewear is eligible for prescription lens installation. This is definitely a favorite among many people. It’s apopular choice primarily recognized for its broad appeal.

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We ensure all the finished product with high quality for our customer and provide complete, considerate after-sale service.


How to choose eyewear fitting for me?

First, decide which of the face shape you have and select proper frames that go well with your shape. Then, find out which colors suit your skin, eye and hair colors. Last, think about main occasion you wear the glasses and choose suitable style.

How about the quality of the eyeglasses?

Our products have been exported to lots of world famous chain stores and department stores. Each of them passed very strictly inspection. All of materials and parts of our frames have global quality certification.

Can I buy frames directly from your website?

Sorry we have not started directly selling on our website yet but you can contact our sales through email or telephone.

How much of your products?

Our products is very cost effective considering their high quality and best materials we used, please send your favorite frame to our email for price. Thanks.

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