Did you choose the right sunglasses?

Due to the strong sunlight in summer, does it make you unable to open your eyes? Most of people would like to wear a large pair of sunglasses when driving or going out to prevent the glare of the sun. But, have you picked the right sunglasses? If you choose the wrong sunglasses, it won’t protect your eyes, even “blind your eyes” and cause traffic accidents in serious cases. It seems like an easy question to pick up right sunglasses, but there are many misunderstandings.

Next, I would like to introduce some misunderstandings when choosing sunglasses:

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Myth 1: The darker the color, the better

Many people take it for granted that the darker the lens color, the better the UV protection. In fact, the function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coating film, and the color is not as dark as possible. Especially for long-distance drivers, if the sunglasses are too dark, the eyes are more prone to fatigue, and it is also more dangerous to enter tunnels and other places with sudden dim light from strong sunlight.


Myth 2: Polarized lenses are the most suitable

Many drivers like to wear polarized glasses. Indeed, polarized glasses can reduce strong light, eliminate glare, and make the line of sight natural and soft. In fact, polarized glasses are more suitable for fishing, skiing and other large-area reflective environments but not for all occasions. For example, the driver sometimes has to face the dark scene such as in the tunnel, while the polarized lens is easy to make eyes suddenly in dark which is dangerous for driver. In addition, polarized lens will lighten the color of LCD screens and LED traffic lights. Therefore, before choosing sunglasses, it is necessary to consider what’s main occasion you will be involved with sunshades. Non polarized sunglasses may be more suitable for you.


Myth 3: Do not wear myopia glasses

Some drivers are slightly myopic, and it is no problem to drive without myopic glasses at ordinary times. But once you wear sunglasses, the problem comes: your eyes are more prone to fatigue, and your vision will decline, just as your vision will be affected when driving at night. Therefore, drivers with mild myopia can usually drive without any problem. If they want to wear sunglasses, they must be equipped with lenses with myopia degree.


Myth4: The color of the sunglasses is too fancy

Fashionable young people will have sunglasses of various colors. It is true that they look good, but they should not be used when driving. For example, pink and purple lenses will change the color and spectrum. In fact, it is best to use gray lenses for sunglasses, because it will not change the basic color spectrum. Next is dark green. Brown and yellow lenses can improve the brightness and are more suitable for foggy and dusty environments.


When driving in summer, you should choose appropriate sunglasses according to your actual situation to prevent driving accidents.

Post time: Jul-01-2022