Panto fashion female acetate eyewear

Shortsighted men eyewear frame

Round frame glasses can be either statement-makers or subtle style-enhancers depending on the specific style you choose. Round acetate glasses with flat top add some intellectual charm to your wardrobe, specially with small decorate square metal piece on the front corner.

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    Round glasses frames are the original, classic eyeglasses design. In the early 20th century, round, ‘circle’ glasses were the only shape you could find. Round eyeglasses are simple, elegant, and natural, honest and intelligent, thoughtful, chic, independent, and smart. The orb shape reminds us of enduring qualities like the sun and moon.
    True to their name, ‘panto’ glasses are designed for developing the broadest possible field of vision. This is achieved by generously proportioned, rounded lenses. Moreover, pantos include a slight indention at the brow line. The temples are usually placed high, connected near the top of the lenses. The resulting silhouette traces the outlines of the human eye socket with balance lines between curve and straight, which makes it the perfect style for those who just can’t decide between round and square styles.

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All of our designs are fashionable and functional, from minimalist wire frames to bold vintage-inspired styles. We devote to brings fashion to protection - giving your eyes a rest while you browse for what you need and want. They are designed for short-term wear, and are best suited for people who have the same lens power, or strength. They are comfortable to wear and provide good vision quality. We has a wide selection of reading glasses that don’t skimp on style. Ranging from contemporary frames to those that are vintage-inspired, even the most fashion-conscious people should find something they like. The model can improve the ability to read something up close, such as a book or a computer screen.

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