Women Bifocal Reading Classic Square Plastic Glasses

Square reading glasses are the fastest-growing frame shape in the industry.

A square shape reading glass looks great on nearly every face shape.

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    You’ve probably noticed that newscasters and tv reporters often choose a square shape because of the smart look and the large lens area, which really shows off their eyes. Square shapes are always a smart choice.

    A timeless icon—made modern. Retrospect takes a classic square shape and elevates it to a trendsetting straight flat metal temple. With even proportions and crystal pink details—this square-shaped frame brings subtle definition to your facial features and creates a luxe, polished canvas that complements your daily style.

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What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are designed to help manage a specific medical condition, known as presbyopia, which happens naturally to your eyesight as you age.

Presbyopia is an eye condition regularly associated with old age where the eye’s lens loses elasticity and thus loses the ability to focus on objects that are close by.  As we said, presbyopia is regularly associated with old age, but it can happen to people of all ages, and there are some old people who are no affected. Reading glasses make things larger, which makes it easier for your eyes to focus on.

Can I use reading glasses instead of my prescription?

If you don’t need your prescription lenses for reading, a pair of reading glasses could be a great way of supplementing your medical frames before making the jump to prescription bifocals.

If you already have a prescription for lenses that you wear while reading, we recommend continuing to do so. Unlike reading glasses, which are designed to primarily correct issues caused by presbyopia, prescription glasses can help deal with a variety of conditions. 


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