Women Bifocal Reading Round Eye Plastic And Metal Glasses

The round frame shape is a true classic, embellished with a metal bridge for extra strength and style points, plus nose pads for comfort and long wear.

A little out in the corner of the round eye shape bring sex charm to the traditional reading glasses with super slim metal temple and small rivet on the front.

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    The classic round frame architecture in appealing black coloration simply radiates a cool retro vibe that works. You want focus. This reading glasses give you a wide range of popular magnifications to match your vision requirements. You want durability. The high quality plastic and metal ensure long time lasting of daily life. You want comfort. The model is lightweight and nicely balanced to make you even forget you’re wearing glasses! So get chic retro style, visual clarity, super eye protection, long-term clear views, and comfort.

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We ensure all the finished product with high quality for our customer and provide complete, considerate after-sale service.


All of our designs are fashionable and functional, from minimalist wire frames to bold vintage-inspired styles. We devote to brings fashion to protection - giving your eyes a rest while you browse for what you need and want. They are designed for short-term wear, and are best suited for people who have the same lens power, or strength. They are comfortable to wear and provide good vision quality. We has a wide selection of reading glasses that don’t skimp on style. Ranging from contemporary frames to those that are vintage-inspired, even the most fashion-conscious people should find something they like. The model can improve the ability to read something up close, such as a book or a computer screen.

Who need reading glasses?

The short answer is: anyone who needs corrective lenses to help them see close objects – i.e. anyone with presbyopia. However, as presbyopia occurs more often with older people, most of reading glasses customers are 35+ years old. However, the condition can occur earlier for some people.

Will reading glasses make my vision worse?

Some people may worry that reader weaken the eyes, but that’s just a myth. The truth is, readers will help you see better. So don’t be afraid to start using readers as soon as you’re ready.


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