Women Oversized Double Bridge Fashion Metal Reading Glasses

Unmistakably bold, and unabashedly the center of attention, oversized reading glasses are always glamorous and gorgeous.

The bold style makes a fashion statement and is a popular choice of many leading ladies.

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    Oversized readers are the perfect choice for whenever you want a show-stopping statement piece. Two hollow grid line on the up corner of front eye, matched with close double bridge, bring more elegant feeling for the glasses.

    After carefully process of each eyewear details, including high-quality metal with great flexibility, adjustable silicone nose pads, comfortable temple end-tips, all details ensure you have perfect performance.

    Unique spring hinge provide great flexibility, and allows glasses arms to extend beyond the traditional 30° range of motion when opening the glasses to adapt to different face shapes, provide you with the most comfortable wearing experience.

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We ensure all the finished product with high quality for our customer and provide complete, considerate after-sale service.


"Cool reading glasses" is anything but the oxymoron it once was. We has tried to make nerd-style ultra cool, and followed fashion trend in creating readers that won’t just help you see, but will also help you express your personal style. We offer affordable, stylish readers to help you see clearly when facing up-close activities such as cooking, reading and playing games. The glasses are meant to be kept anywhere you find yourself reaching for readers, from a coffee table to a jacket pocket. We always provide high-quality reading glasses with prescription-quality lenses and the option of styles with blue light blocking. Getting a pair of readers with quality lenses helps to ensure that you’ll see clearly without distortions that can be caused by lower quality lenses.

Reading glasses are available with or without a prescription and help you to see more clearly when reading and doing other tasks such as choosing an entree from a restaurant menu, deciphering a tourist destination on a map or playing games on your smartphone. Our women’s reading glasses and men’s reading glasses come in a range of colors, styles and shapes. The frame is comfortable to wear and the lenses light transmittance is very good. Besides, frame design keeps you looks professional and fashionable while working or reading. Suitable for different face types. Perfect gift for your friends, parents, grandparents and relatives.


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