Bio Acetate Male Natural Color Modern Eyewear With Square Eye Shape

Shortsighted men eyewear frame

Among other things, the birth of biodegradable acetate in the eyewear sector is an entirely innovation.

The bio acetate lends the product the luxurious and exclusive feel of a natural substance, allowing for the creation of eco-friendly, unique and distinctive optical glasses.

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    Be stylish and green at the same time, in such a way to respect the environment and help preserve its fragile equilibrium. Square eye shape with corner cut and stylish key hole bridge, the natural simple design lend eco-friendly chic to any wearer.

    Our sustainable eyewear is a testament to our policy of being distinctive, whilst paying attention to the finest detail. Hisight is always on the hunt for valid alternatives with new methods of production, guaranteeing the highest quality accessories, all the while promoting the circular economy and safeguarding the environment. The collection also represents an ethical and productive challenge which focuses on the use of premium sustainable materials to minimize the impact on the environment, without sacrificing the flair for design aesthetics and craftsmanship that has always been our hallmark.

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We ensure all the finished product with high quality for our customer and provide complete, considerate after-sale service.


Here you will find frames for all tastes in a variety of colors, styles, materials and sizes. Whether you are looking for round, square, rectangular, oversized or oval glasses, you will find them here. We also offer design classics in the form of pilot bows, cat eyes and wayfarers. And the quality remains high despite really competitive prices. All of our eyeglasses, where modern and accurate design is combined with classic elegance and stylish details.

How to choose eyewear fitting for me?

First, decide which of the face shape you have and select proper frames that go well with your shape. Then, find out which colors suit your skin, eye and hair colors. Last, think about main occasion you wear the glasses and choose suitable style.

Do I need a prescription to order glasses?

You don’t need a prescription to order eyeglasses. If you want clear lenses without a prescription, you can just put that in the notes when you order.

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