Unisex Vintage Double Bridge Acetate Blue Light Shield Eyeglasses

Retro classic frame fused with futuristic design and technology, we completes the model between style and science.

With the smooth spring hinges anchoring injected temples, the ergonomically balanced frame supports precision optics and various faces.

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    A little piece of colorful block in the beginning of the temple create low-key accents subtle enough for any undercover recruit.

    The impeccable frame design is paired with our proprietary lens engineered to block harmful blue light, features a nylon material and spring hinge to fluidly fit the face and enhance the viewing experience.


    • Wide format lenses
    • Rigid lens mounting
    • Vintage design with double bridge in high quality transparent acetate
    • Comfort curved nose rests
    • High quality spring hinges
    • Blocks harmful blue light from sun and digital devices
    • Anti-reflective lens coatings on front and back of lens

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Professional anti blue light glasses

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We ensure all the finished product with high quality for our customer and provide complete, considerate after-sale service.


What is blue light?

Blue Light also known as high-energy visible blue light (HEV) has high frequency and short wavelengths similar to UV light. It’s found in sunlight and necessary for keeping us energized and awake, also regulating our circadian rhythm.

The issue arises though when blue light comes from artificial sources in large unwanted quantities.

"Blue light is something we're getting exponentially more exposed to because of our transition to a digital lifestyle," says David Friess, O.D., a Philadelphia-based research consultant. "Digital reading is not something we were designed to do.“

The American Optometric Association mentions a July 2015 study in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, found that the more chronic the exposure to blue-light-producing LED lights, the more free radicals in the eye. This may contribute to aging of the eye and age-related vision problems in the long term.


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